How we do it.

More experience doing specifically Fertility Marketing. Running IVF marketing programs for different clinics, owned by different physicians, in different markets, has taught us a thing or two. Things that our competition still haven’t figured out. We know the demo, we know what works, and what is a waste of resources.


We stay on top of our target audience, we speak their language, we know the ways to reach them. We did our homework.

We take branding your clinic seriously, a true 360 approach. We wrestle with Google to get you on top, while building a sustainable, custom content marketing strategy, and a monitored in-house, PPC program, with all day bid adjustments. If you are paying a company to do your PPC campaign, the odds are it has been set to “automatic”, and your ROAS is far lower than it should be. You are probably (definitely) performing far less than possible.

It takes more than pretty pictures and an SEO boost to fight off the equity firms that are consolidating the IVF industry. Our knowledge of fertility market is unmatched. Touch points and behavior mechanisms of the Millennial Woman is our specialty. Our clients stay with us for a few reasons. Results being the big one.

From the moment Missing Link was hired, we knew we were in the hands of marketing professionals. They took the time to not only understand our business, but helped us to look at our business in new ways.
— MS

Missing link is a boutique agency with a product suite specifically calibrated for small and medium sized business. Our creative direction, coders, writers and marketers specialize in creating effective collateral, with real results. Our creative output is always delivered at the highest level, without the agency hype, and without agency prices. Intent is everything. We are pure in our intents. Words are words. Our Actions and Results Speak for Themselves.

Our Goal

We cut the clutter, simplify the message, and target precisely. What problem do you need to solve? Where does your identity begin? What does it say? How does it say it? What's the vibe, and what's the visual? Call us, and let's talk it out. We've moved the needle for all of our clients, we'd love to do it for you.

Oh yeah, we are able to be reached pretty much 24/7. Not a dude in India in a call center either. No offense to India, but I prefer a guy in Chicago, Highland Park or Naperville. If something is wrong or has changed and needs immediate attention, you have it.

The Future of IVF & Fertility Clinics

The Good: Our ability as a country, to reproduce without medical assistance is still… not great. The market cap hasn’t been reached in this regard. Fortunately, you are there to make their dreams come true.

The Bad: Prelude/Viviere, or CCRM, or “Private Equity IVF Firm X” will give you the choice of watching your practice wither away, or handing it over to them.

We have managed to battle back, and helped our clients grow their business, at the expense of these equity firms.

Preemptive Strike: The Missing Link Doctrine.

If you are ready to stake your claim, defend your turf, we are ready to take the fight, and win. Contact us.


Adwords. Powerful and Fast Results From Missing Link. If you know what you’re doing.

The fastest way to the top is Adwords (or “Google Ads” as its now known, but I’m still calling it AdWords). When ran correctly, there is no better bang for your advertising dollar. The problem is, without exaggeration, we have yet to see a single agency do it “the right way”.


Research. Test. Refine. Test more. 

We specialize in effective, results-focused PPC management for small and medium size businesses. Every account we habe inherited has dramatically increased click through and conversion, with the same cost or less.

Two things are true

1.) If you haven’t tied an AdWords account to your site. You need to.

2.) Sight unseen, whoever is running your account is spending too much, and getting too little from it.

Your advertising is professionally managed by a experienced, knowledgeable PPC expert. We are also certified Google partners, but be wary of that title. Being trained by Google, is to be trained to flush your money away. Everything we really know about Google came from experience, many bizarre account issues performances about fifteen years ago led me really experience ting understanding the google is really interested in burning through your budget as fast as possible. Unless you get very, very specific. Those specifics are our trade secret. Our prices are fair & affordable with no setup fees. You get personal, responsive service. Reporting as frequent as you wish.

We have no problem sitting down and showing you exactly how your current company is doing you wrong.

Affordable PPC Management

Our clients shouldn't spend more on the management of their AdWords program, than the Adwords themselves. We specialize in affordable PPC management services. Our Google AdWords management services start at $250 per month with a simple setup fee.  Many of our clients are small business owners that have smaller budgets.  Our service is affordable and fair, with no strings or catches. Our efficiency is high, and the results are so powerful, that most of the clients end up wanting to boost their ad spend. 

Premium Print Design & Production

Our mission is to turn ideas into reality while meeting our clients’ goals in a fast, timely manner. We help our clients promote, brand and market their businesses and events with services including business cards, packaging, comp cards, portfolios, sell sheets, brochures and much more. We can help you with a vast array of services.

With over 20 years of industry experience, our staff’s specialities include art direction, graphic design, print production and digital photography. Missing Link is the solution to all of your creative and production demands, large or small. We offer exceptional customer care and competitive rates for the Chicago market.